If your attention is completely taken up by a certain dreaded standardized test, believe me, we understand completely. From the moment they come back from the winter holidays right up until June, teachers, administrators and students alike are obsessed with one major milestone: the STAAR tests. During the stress and hard work that goes into preparing for this series of tests, we just want you to know that America’s Choice Fundraisers is thinking about you, supporting your efforts and cheering you on.


Of course, standardized testing was never anything to look forward to, even back in the days of the TAKS tests. Previous STAAR tests have frustrated Texas schools even further through issues such as mis-delivered test books, questions with no right answers and tests that were just as lengthy as ever (despite initial promises that they would be shortened). We hope your STAAR testing went as painlessly as possible last time around, but we know that even under optimal conditions, everyone in your school district is working extra hard to ensure an optimal “report card.”


We feel your pain – and we understand that your time is shorter than ever for outside considerations such as school fundraising projects, as important as those projects also are for your school’s future. We always value your time, and we’ll make an especially strong effort to do so during this portion of the academic year. At the same time, we will make sure you know about any new products, programs and other services we may roll out to help your schools’ financial health complement your academic strength. Feel free to contact us at any time and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help your school boost its morale without distracting from the critical issue of STAAR test preparation. We’re on your side!

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