Gift Catalogs, Food Fundraisers & More

Our all new 44 page, custom brochure. With 128 items, there is something for everyone. We have selected only the top selling food items and the very best of each category. Includes many of the top selling items of all time.

This is the same as the the JUST CHILLIN' brochure. (1 brochure / 2 covers to choose from). 
This 40 page brochure is a great size to combo with your frozen program or as a stand-alone. It offers all the variety that you need to make the total program a HUGE success without being overwhelming. Includes some new exclusive items as well as many of the proven top sellers!

The same as the the HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS brochure.  (1 brochure / 2 covers to choose from). 

Our all $10 program that has become a “cult classic”. So simple. So easy. 79 items that covers all of the necessary categories AND everything is just $10!! Perfect for the group that wants value, simplicity, and great design. DON’T miss out on this WINNER!

This is our new frozen program for Fall 2020. Using only Neighbor's shelf stable cookie dough and a handful of carefully chosen items to compliment the frozen.

Everyone loves chocolates, snacks, popcorn and desserts. Family Time Favorites offers a fabulous variety of tasty snacks, chocolates, popcorn, dessert, cheese and more.

Want something simple and effective? Use this ultra-simple, 10 item, all $10.00 box chocolate brochure.

Order any two items for just $10.

Delicious treats your whole family will love! The most comprehensive food program.  65 of the top selling frozen and non-frozen food items in the industry.  There is nothing that comes close to matching the variety in this pack-to-the-student program.

4 Sentiments. 4 Fragrances. A Candle program that will fill any home with joy.

This fundraising program is perfect for all those RGV residents whose love for cookies and other treats is completely blown out of pre-portion!  Caramel pecan chocolate chip cookies, white chip macadamia nut cookies, peanut butter cookies – and some edible cookie dough and cookie tubs as well!

The Gourmet Goodies catalog is chock full of tasty treats, from Oreo cookies and Cinnabon pastries to Auntie Anne’s pretzels and so much more.

$8 Signature Chocolates

Indulge in sweet sensations with this all $8 chocolates brochure.

Everyone loves popcorn! This fundraiser eye catcher offers more flavors than ever in a $10 half gallon - resealable zip bag.  Choose from 10 flavors.  Something for the sweet tooth like Double Chocolate Drizzle to something spicy and cheesy like Jalapeño Cheddar.  All the awesomeness of popcorn with no Transfats, GMO's, Gluten or High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Cook like a Champion

This fundraising program is all about the love of grilling with these sauces and rubs.
If you're thirsty, there are specialized tumblers too.