If you’re an RGV school district “veteran,” you may know that America’s Choice Fundraisers has offered some tremendous order-taking fundraising programs over the past 15 years or so. But as successful as these brochure-based, order-taking programs can be (or have been) for your school, don’t forget about another kind of fundraising technique that can also drum up some handsome sums toward your school’s particular goals. It’s the time-honored art of in hand selling – and we’re happy to make it available to you alongside our traditional fundraising options.


Of course, you’re familiar with the basics of order-taking fundraising by now. It revolves around sending members out with brochures and order forms so customers can pick out what they like, place their orders with you and make their payment. Then your school places that order with us, we provide you with the pre-packed, labeled products, and delivery is made to the happy customers.


But you may also have done your share of in hand selling, even if it was back in your own student days. In hand selling is about as simple as fundraising gets: You purchase a stock of products and then sell them directly to the customers for a markup, which represents your fundraising profit. It’s a simple yet powerful way to raise money at any time during the year, supplementing the larger efforts of your annual order-taking fundraisers.


For in hand selling, nothing moves as quickly and easily as delicious treats – and we’ve got the perfect products to tempt your customers. From chocolate bars and frosted pretzel bars to the ever-popular two-dollar popcorn bags and other goodies, we can make these products available to you in demand through our website. Keep checking the website on a regular basis to see our newest offerings and place orders as needed!

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