Every year we make a point of handing out academic planners with our company name on them when we visit schools. Principal, assistant principals, secretarial staff and other administrators love these planners because they feature generous space within the date boxes for writing down important reminders and deadlines. In fact, we’re constantly being asked whether we have the latest planner on hand. It’s great that these planners are so popular, but here’s the thing you have to remember – a planner is only as useful as the plans written in it.


As the saying goes, “People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.” In the crush and chaos of your day-to-day academic and administrative tasks, it’s all too easy to forget or neglect critical items simply because they haven’t been recorded for future reference. This can put a huge crimp in your fundraising efforts, because major fundraisers take time and planning. For instance, if you want a live presentation for next year’s ACF fundraising kickoff, you need to be talking to us so we can book that presentation right now. If you wait until you can “clear your calendar” for that conversation, you may wait yourself right past the deadline!


By all means, call us for your free 2017-2018 academic planners – we’ve got them in stock, and we’re just waiting for your request so we can drop by your school and hand them out to you personally. But at the same time, take that opportunity to start putting real information in that planner by scheduling your fundraising projects with us. We’re happy to chat with you right then and there about any future goals your school may have, and exactly what we need to do right now to put those achievements into motion. It’s never too early to plan for success!

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