As much fun as it is to distribute the fabulous goodies sold in your fundraising efforts, we know it’s also fun to receive the occasional goodies from time to time. We also know that our clients are very intelligent and knowledgeable people. So, we’re giving you a chance to show how smart you are and win some nifty gifts through our Tuesday Trivia Challenge!


Do you remember when we first rolled out our $2 popcorn bags last year? We attached a flyer that contained a few intentional grammatical errors, challenging recipients to identify at least three of those errors for a chance to win three $25 gift cards. The response was so overwhelming that we’ve decided to offer regular trivia contests on a monthly basis. We’ll send out an email alert when the latest contest gets posted to our blog, along with a link to take you directly to the Tuesday Trivia Challenge. You can then submit your answers by replying to the email alert.


How will you find out whether your brain power has won you a gift card? The correct answers – and the names of each month’s lucky winners – will be posted on our website, so make sure you’re checking in with us periodically. The gift cards or other prizes will also change from month to month, so you’ll want to check out the latest fun award that just might be yours if you reply to the challenge correctly.


We hope our Tuesday Trivia Challenge at America’s Choice Fundraisers will not only brighten your day but also help you spot any new additions to our fundraising programs and products. You might see exactly what your school needs to take its project financing to the next level – and there’s nothing trivial about that!

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